The Bunker

24-Hours a day, 365 days per year, ATX is on guard protecting homes and businesses by providing early warning of critical events such as fires, burglary, hold-up and medical alerts. Unlike small alarm companies that contract out their monitoring services to a third party monitoring service, and large multi-national competitors that maintain their stations outside the country; ATX maintains its own monitoring, at our own ultra-high-security facility in Canada.

Located outside Ottawa, Ontario, we monitor thousands of signals from daily open, close and test signals, to critical condition warnings, and live streaming video. Residential and small business clients share the same high level monitoring services that we provide large enterprises and government facilities. Redundant power, computers and back-up communications are just a few of the measures we employ to ensure our ability to monitor our client’s facilities in any weather and at any time. Affectionately call the “Bunker”, our facility, as the name implies is designed to withstand both physical attack and natural disasters, so that our clients may rest assured that what they value most, is under the watchful eye of our trained professionals.

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