Medium Business

As your business grows, so do your protection requirements. While a small business may only need a simple burglar alarm system, larger businesses need a more complex solution such as access control and video surveillance. ATX offers a range of protection solutions specifically designed for larger businesses.

Video Surveillance for Medium Sized Business

Reduce shrinkage and employee theft with a comprehensive suite of security cameras and video surveillance solutions for a wide range of applications.
View multiple locations from one account.
Check-in on your business from anywhere on your smart phone, tablet or computer.
Choose from a wide-array of resolution capabilities for even the most demanding viewing requirements.
• View live video, receive event-triggered video clips, or record and store video footage locally or in the cloud.
• Review customers, deliveries, service providers, and other visitors at entrances.
• Generate recorded video footage that is admissible in court so you can bring criminals to justice.
Installation, monitoring and support from video surveillance professionals at ATX, and our Monitoring Center

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Access Control Systems for Medium Businesses

Increase security at your business with our complete managed access control system.
ATX Focus 500® is a managed access control system that gives you full control over access to all areas of your facility. From a single entry/exit access point, to multiple door access points throughout your building, you’re in charge of who goes where and when.

Secure and Remote System Management
Our Monitoring Center eliminates the need for you to hire additional personnel or spend time training staff on system operation. Your access control system is securely and remotely managed, so you’ll save time and money and lower your total cost of ownership of both hardware and software. Focus 500® systems communicate through a secure, wireless connection, which allows the system to operate without access to a local network, or in those areas that may not have a network connection.

ATX Focus 500® has many potential applications, including cases where access to private and confidential data, or expensive products must be carefully monitored, such as:

File rooms
Cabinets and display cases
Comprehensive access control features
Even when you can’t be onsite, Focus 500® is consistently monitoring access with these capabilities:
• Reports who comes and goes, and when.
• A single access fob may be used in multiple locations.
• Access can be revoked or reinstated at any time.
• Reduces the sharing of access cards and the use of missing or stolen cards to gain unauthorized entry.
Remotely lock and unlock doors to prevent or grant access during non-business hours.

ATX designs protection solutions that not only meet but also exceed client needs — today and tomorrow. We provide the industry-specific experience and advanced technology to define your needs, design, build, commission, operate, maintain and, finally, modernize and expand your security solution.

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