Critical Monitoring

Critical Condition Monitoring

Fire Sprinkler Monitoring

Fire sprinkler monitoring systems are a type of fire alarm designed to alert the authorities when a fire sprinkler system has been activated or has water flow. Fire sprinklers are designed to automatically deliver water to a fire.

Fire sprinklers are often required by AHJs, or authority having jurisdiction. An AHJ is usually the local fire department, but in some areas it can be the building inspector or other official. Sprinkler heads react to heat by releasing water into the affected area. Only the sprinkler heads sensing heat release water, preventing extended water damage to areas not involved in the fire. In order to know that water has been released, sprinkler systems are very often required to be monitored. Fire sprinkler monitoring normally includes a single bell or horn to indicate water flow locally. Full building evacuation is generally not required for simple fire sprinkler monitoring, although more extensive fire alarm systems can include sprinkler monitoring as zones in the larger system. From single riser to complex multi-floor systems with fire pumps, ATX has the experience and expertise to ensure the proper and compliant monitoring of all sprinkler and life safety systems.

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Freezer and Cooler Monitoring

ATX provides freezer and cooler monitoring solutions for schools, restaurants, stores, and laboratories. The failure of one deep freeze freezer or cooler can be disastrous for business.

Freezers and coolers can fail for a variety of reasons. GFI electrical circuits or circuit breakers can trip, causing a loss of power to the freezer. A freezer can become unplugged, or the mechanicals of a cooler can simply fail. Many times a simple cord being unplugged, or a GFI tripping can cost thousands of dollars in inventory loss, and
The loss of a freezer or cooler worth of inventory is not only a financial loss, but also be insurance nightmare.

ATX offers several solutions for preventing the loss of freezer and cooler goods by detecting failure. The most popular option is a digital thermostat, which ties to our alarm control panels. If the temperature rises above a preset limit a signal is sent to our monitoring station where we call to notify you on several phone numbers that the freezer has failed before items begin to melt. These sensors included built-in defrost delays for auto-defrost freezers.

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Flood Monitoring

Water damage can happen to any property, in any season and in any climate. Even if your business isn’t located in a flood-prone area or a cold climate, a small amount of floodwater can cause thousands of dollars in flood damage.

In many cases it’s unanticipated, making it difficult to plan for minimizing the amount of damage done your business. Flood alarms provide notification when there is water accumulation in your property, giving you more time to address the source of the flooding sooner rather than later.

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